Code kata

Until I followed a link from a twitter friend I had never heard of this term.

As a small time programmer I am always looking for ways to improve the code that I do and I also look at ways to improve myself as a programmer. Code kata is certainly a generic approach at these goals that is worth reading about.

Not everything they propose I will be able to try right away. It all depends on your environment.

It is more than just practicing at solving specific coding puzzle. It is about learning the tools that you use, communicating with the people that are around you, reading code that others do and try to maintain it, getting code reviews and much more.

I have to sit down and write what I will do to improve my programming ways. What I think easily make sense and that I can do rapidly:

  1. read about new features in Eclipse
  2. read about codig algorithm in Java
  3. learn Python
  4. I have to ask a programmer at work to review some of my code

If I can get those done in the next month I will see some improvement for sure.

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