How bad is it?

Laziness is quite the creative motivator sometimes.

So I have this application that accepts syslog messages and process them to generate daily stats.

The glitch with the current way the code works is that it has hard coded separator for the messages. Just one hard coded separator. It may have worked somewhat fine for a period of time but since I have been monitoring the situation I can say that it is dropping quite a few messages every day because of that limitation.

While looking at the code to determine the scope of the change I was getting less enthusiastic to address the issue as I was discovering more and more places with the hard coded value.

I put that aside and found something more fun to do for a few moments.

Then I started to get motivated by laziness…

So the current idea is to parse the syslog messages that it gets and replace the different seperator by the one that is hard coded. This requires the least amount of energy to get it fixed. What I am not sure is how much technical debt am I accumulating with this idea.

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