Taking Advantage

I was listening to the Animoto CEO on a building 43 interview and Brad Jefferson struck me when he was explaining that they are excited about everything that is happening. For him, HD TVs are good for his business because people will want to watch their photos in a cool video on them. The new cheap digital boxes that you can attach to your TV is good for his business. Even photo books are good for him because he wants to offer his product to those people selling photo books so they can offer 2 products instead of 1. Everything that was thrown at him was basically good for his business in one way or an other.

I have to think like that and get moving on all these positive challenges that are available to me and will allow me to do good business.

We have complicated systems, great! There is a need for more automation so I have more code to do.

We have complicated rules on how and when we can do changes, great! More automation or systems that can simplify the user interaction with all these rules and help them navigate in all of it.

There are many possibilities and we can’t look at them as an other layer of problems. These challenges allows us to better serve our users/customers and have more business. It is a lot more fun to look at it this way and go for it.

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