Learning Python

Learning Python is a lot more fun than I anticipated.

I think that the fun comes from a no expectation mentality and that everything I do with python is currently simple and helps greatly to automate some boring tasks.

I am not sure that I can complain about the fact that from one version to an other the changes are sometimes drastic and being able to understand and find the differences is sometimes more work that I would like. This issues comes from the fact that RHEL5 has Python 2.4 and that my other platforms have Python 2.7.

Today I was trying to understand how to pass a datetime to a xmlrpc server and some functionality was introduced in 2.5 (allow_datetime). It took me 20-30 minutes to understand why it was not working on RHEL5.

As any good learning I am making many errors in small scripts so I hopefully avoid when the real apps come around.

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