Spring Framework Mentality

I am in the middle of adding features to a web application that uses the Spring Framework and since I have not had any training I am learning as we go. As much as I know better this is where I am anyway.

I have been fighting for a few days with a java.lang.NullPointer issue and it was driving me crazy. I knew that it was some small details that was escaping me but I just could not put my finger on it.

I got a breakthrough yesterday evening by re-reading a form post about the fact that you can’t use the new operator on objects that are wired by the Spring Framework. I was also missing the getter and setter method for that entity and then everything started to work. Small victory that certainly pleased me because it was starting to get to my self esteem.

I was a bit mad at myself for not understanding the tip that was given in the forum on the first read. I was looking for something else and the truth was starring me so obviously. The madness will certainly make sure I remember to pay attention to every recommendation experienced people make when answering other beginners like me.

Understanding how the framework does its things is starting to sink in and I am starting to see the full potential this framework has to quickly develop web application.

If I can just spend some time to read on it and understand all the libraries and a few more founding concepts I could stop wasting my time fighting with it.

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