Apple Wireless Keyboard and Magic trackpad with a Dell Latitude E6410

Sorry but I hate Dell laptops.

The business laptops that I have worked with over the years all had issues that were just a nightmare to deal with. That it is the wireless chipset that would get the laptop to crash because we were using Fortinet software to the latest bluetooth adventures.

I have been trying to get my apple wireless keyboard and trackpad to work with the work provided Latitude E6410 to no avail. I have read one site after another about the apple drivers that you need to extract from the boot camp material and how people resolved different issues. I have tried many times over the months and nothing ever worked. Different version of the drivers or different sequence of installation of the components.

Today, I decided that I did not trust the built-in bluetooth because other people at work were having issues with bluetooth headsets.

I disabled the bluetooth in the bios and plugged in my $5 tiny dongle I purchased months ago over the Internet. Very generic bluetooth dongle.

Tadam! Everything works now. I am using my keyboard and trackpad to post this.

All these months wasted on the below standard components that are in these Dell laptops. I am not surprised and I have one more reason to hate this Dell hardware. How can they sell so many with all these issues?

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One thought on “Apple Wireless Keyboard and Magic trackpad with a Dell Latitude E6410”

  1. I actually had to abandon this setup because the magic trackpad would lose the left click ability often enough to make me mad at it. I would have to disconnect my bluetooth dongle and reconnect to fix the issue. I tried updating to the latest Apple drivers for these devices and nothing worked. The keyboard is reliable but the trackpad is maddening.


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