Spring Roo

I need to learn new tools on a regular basis. Part of my Code Kata.

I had no clue what Spring Roo was but after installing STS and creating a new test project with Roo I liked that it was a CLI to create Java Apps.

With some curiosity I looked at a tutorial but with too many projects I got side tracked.

I received an email from DZone for a refcard to show how Spring Roo works. Downloaded it and on my second try reading it did a sample app similar to the one shown.

In about 10 minutes I had a web app that allowed me to add and remove record from a database. I was impressed.

So I have something to play with and I am certainly very curious now. This shell can allow me to create a lot of code with a few simple commands. I can then manage the code normally without having to think about Roo and I can rip it all out quite easily.

Quick tutorial can easily leave you quite impressed but then using it for what I really want is going to be the real test. I am curious enough to push further now.

First step is to get that app deployed to a plain jane tomcat. Then I will have to expand the code and see how far I can push this.

It is fun to be exited about new tools because it gets you to think about possibilities. The best mindset to be in.

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