IE rendering engine

I just know that IE is a pain to deal with. I assumed that IE9 would be better at doing certain things and be more standard it is way to render web pages. I learned from that mistake.

We have an application that can list all items tracked in a table. The convenience is for users to quickly do global searches or to import this data in excel to do the manipulation they need.

When the table reached 1500 elements I received emails asking me what I changed to make it so slow in IE.

After some testing I realized that IE was rendering that web page in “quirks mode” which is not very efficient with large table.

After looking for a few minutes on Google I found an MSDN article talking about adding this header to tell IE to use the latest rendering engine for this page:

It is now applied across the site and IE9 performs fine but IE8 still shows some signs of slowness. Maybe more a computer issue that an IE issue but I can’t verify.

During my search on this IE issue I certainly came across a fair amount of displeased programmer with how IE does things (even in newer version) and I can see why. Hopefully I won’t be bitten too often.

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