Rich Web Application with Spring Framework

I just completed 4 days in a class room on this subject.

A little bit overwhelming.

A lot of good material but it is way too much to digest in just 4 days.

I wish training companies would offer scheduling alternatives to these straight X days hellish setup. I think that offering 2 half days a week for a month would be easier to digest.

After taking this course I have a voucher to go try the exam. I will take it and to prepare I received a few advices that I like:

  1. Set a date for the exam so you have the deadline motivation working for you
  2. Use the study guide questions from Spring Source
  3. Write all the answers on a cheat sheet and carry it with you every where you go to read it over and over
  4. Redo all the labs and test alternative solutions

So by Monday I will have my schedule written down and I will start on my certification path. I know that it will be a lot of work but I see all the benefits from it and that motivates me more than the deadline.

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