Nexus 7

I could not resist and I bought a Nexus 7 last Thursday.

My only other tablet experience is with the iPad 1. I liked it very much but I am not happy with its end of life when iOS6 is released. For no good reason Apple is not going to allow original iPads to upgrade to the new iOS. The hardware is more capable than other devices (iPhone 3GS) that will get the upgraded OS so it is business choice that Apple made.

Since I am quite displeased with their business choice I decided to look at my options.

The Nexus 7 was a logical choice.

Hardware wise it is quite capable with a quad core processor, a gig of RAM and the 1280 x 800 screen. Basically everything is much better than my iPad 1 except for storage: 16 Gb vs 64 Gb.

With the smaller storage I will have to be less of a digital hoarder. Only the music I listen too and just enough video podcasts for the free time I have. I think that 16 Gb will be more than enough.

I have also been playing with Android since I have a Motorola Atrix for the last year so I am used to it. Yes it is different and I think that this latest version (4.1) is better than iOS5. The details are what makes it easier to do regular tasks. I can highlight some text and send it to Evernote to create a new note. 2 steps to do what takes many steps in iOS (select, copy, go to apps, open evernote, create a new note, paste).

It is a very nicely visual OS for tablets. Smooth and all the details are taken care of. It shows you in a much easier way everything that is running and all the notifications you have. I have always liked seeing more and it does it very simply and cleanly. I also like the flexibility of deciding to have animation even in the background. I prefer it when the user is in control.

The battery life is very good even though it has 4 cores to run all the apps and I watched movies. I was still able to read emails and other news on the Internet for the last couple of days without charging it. It will take months to really test the battery life to compare it to the iPad but it looks good for now.

The size is actually very good. I can easily hold it in 1 hand and it is much lighter. Since I have a better resolution on the Nexus 7 I am liking the smaller size. May sound trivial but because of its size it also fits in a back pocket. It is convenient when you have a few things to pick up to be able to put it away in the back pocket.

Because of the pixel density it is easy to read text. I like the fine lines of small text. I was under the impression that text was looking very nice on my iPad but after seeing the new screen on the Nexus 7 I know I was living a delusion. I can see the difference and I like it very much.

Price. How can I not mention that the small price is more than attractive. At this price I can buy a new tablet every year and it will cost me less than my iPad over the years.

This fact also make the upgrade path less of an issue. I will buy a new tablet when there is a new version that I want. I can also decide to root the tablet and upgrade it. My choice.

From the short time I had with the Nexus 7 I can see how it will be my tablet from now on.

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