Can’t find this error message on Google or Bing

error_string         : 01070712:3: Caught configuration exception (0), Invalid monitor rule instance identifier: 47 – ltm/validation/MonitorRule.cpp, line 1323

I am trying to troubleshoot some error I am getting with my F5 iControl application and it seems that no one ever encountered this issue before.

Hard to believe.

I posted a question on the DevCentral Forums hoping to get some help but I am managing my expectations that others have faced this exact problem.

I have found a post that has the “Invalid monitor rule instance identifier” portion but the solution is to open a case with F5 support which I have also done.

F5 Support informed me that this error meant that in my configuration (bigip.conf) there was an issue on line 1323.  I find this error misleading because I was expecting the error was with the MonitorRule.cpp on line 1323. After looking at the configuration I could not figure out anything wrong. I did a QkView (for support) and everything started to work again. This makes absolutely no sense but since it is working I can’t troubleshoot anymore.

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