QConSF 2013

This year’s QConSF was my first. I was looking forward to it and I loved the experience.

I have watched a few presentations online on the youtube channel. There are many that have been eye opener and informative on what you need to think about.

As any good conference there is always too many sessions you want to assist to. No exception for QConSF. What I liked very much is that everything was recorded and they started to make them available the first day. They are very quick at making the material available so you can watch it right away and that is very impressive.

The presenters are very good since they are practitioners. It makes a big difference on the quality of the presentation but even more on what they can answer from the audience. I felt that answering questions was almost allowing them a freedom than they did not allowed themselves for the presentation. Most presentations were easy to digest but some answers got me taking notes on 2 or 3 things I would need to review to understand what they were talking about.

I also took the 2 days of training and the torture of deciding what I wanted to do was worse. I could have done a week of training instead of the 2 days I was limited to. I was really interested in the Infrastructure as Code with Jez Humble but I got tempted but the “No Lock Algo in Java” from Martin Thompson as well as the NodeJS intro.

I am already looking forward to next year to have the same difficult choices.

In the mean time I will have sessions at work to present some of the information to my co-workers because there is a lot we can all learn from the presenters experiences.

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