Why run Kubernetes at home

In a discussion with co-worker the question was asked (as a rhetorical one) and it got me thinking about it.

Why would you run Kubernetes at home?

There is the obvious reason that I am testing for work a certain configuration or an operator or a new version of a container. These are more work reasons and they just happen to be executed at home since so many of us work from home.

For my home network and setup, why would I run Kubernetes?

A similar setup that we could compare with is having a raid device for your storage need. Many options exists for home to allow you to store all the photos and movies. If you have a raid device you can then replace a failed hard disk and not lose any of your data.

Could we apply the same rationale to the application you need to run on your home network?

Plex has a container available. Imagine that you are running it on a node and if it has some hardware issue, you can still watch your movies without having to repair anything first.

What I wonder is how many other software that I use at home would benefit from this.

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