MS Team for Linux

Where is the configuration for my credentials?

That is how I started my day because I wanted to use my Ubuntu laptop today. I started team and it was clearly trying to login to my previous employers account. Infinite loop that probably guarantees my ip to be flagged.

After a few DuckDuckGo searches I could not find anything other than the trivial guides to install the snap on Ubuntu.

I tried looking at the file system and I was not able to figure out where the credentials are configured.

So… I cleared all the caches to start fresh and it worked well enough to get me going.

cd snap/teams-for-linux
rm -Rf 172
rm -Rf 182
rm -Rf current

The 172 and 182 where the running directories in my case but I assume that you might have different numbered directories based on your running environment/version.

After starting Team, it has recreated the 182 directory and current symlink.

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