Recovering extra fees

When your Mobile service provider charges you extra fees and that they claim the fine prints allowed them to, you need to consider your options.

Turning off all data is not good enough and there is always an extra fee when I leave the country. There does not seem to be any valid configuration to avoid that fee.

I asked for a line and they never delivered the SIM card so I could never use the service but I still have to pay for it. There is no arguing with them about it on a call. Now that I started to complain on Twitter I got all the charges for that never used line reversed. I am puzzled as to why it took a public complaint to get this simple matter resolved.

I changed my plan to pay less and recover some of these extra charges.

DateDescriptionExtra Fees
2022-03Out of country+$12
2022-06Out of country+$12
2022-06Setup Fee for new line+$50
2022-06New line that I could never use+$19
2022-07Reduced plan-$20
2022-08Reduced plan-$20

It takes years for a service provider to gain your trust and minutes to lose it. It is sad but I will change what I use with them and recover the money I can.

It certainly got me to rethink the service I am getting from them and to right size what I needed. In 2 months I will be saving money from what I was buying and obviously will be saving money from that point on.

There is also the option to change service provider and that is something I will need to look at next. Other mobile service provider offers plans that allows you to use your data in the USA for $4/month instead of $12/day.

The extra fees for everything else you sometimes use are the death by a thousand cuts. I think that it is abusive but I am sure the mobile service provider thinks that it is their way to maximize revenue and since it is stated in the fine prints, it is legal.