Funny error on

Got this marketing email telling me that I could get a free ebook on how to design Enteprise APIs.

I like to be educated so I follow the link to get the book but I can’t remember the password to the site so I ask for a password reset and when it processes my request I get this error:

Oops! Google Chrome could not find soatest.soa.local

so I look at where my browser is trying to get:


I guess that some dev/test code made it to production.

New Year

There is a new year coming very soon…

Magical number to it so more motivation to create and learn, or so I hope. It is easy to have grand plan for the new year since it is a new start. Everyone loves a new start.

I certainly hope to create more with new technologies that are out there and report more on them here than I have done before.

I should commit to numbers so I can measure my success but that is always a scary idea. It means you have the potential to fail and everyone prefer success stories.

Groovy, Scala, AJAX, more web app coding… There is plenty to learn more about.

When has difficulties

Until today I was not even aware we were using this IP geolocation service in some of our systems. I guess that you need an outage to get to know what you have.

We do queries to to quickly know which country an IP is from. I am not sure of all the details but it seems quite simple to use. The only catch is that mentions that they have a single server answering the queries and that it can’t take big loads.

So why do we depend on it?

Someone decided that it was simpler to use this service to add the requested feature. It was probably not highlighted in the dependencies of the system or someone did not understand the full value of the dependencies.

I am not blaming anyone because I am ready to bet that we have many more dependencies like that, some that I have put in place, that we can’t fully value until an outage hits us.

The ITIL CMDB is a useful idea to try to catch these but it is one thing to know a system to help identify these dependencies and an other to make it work in real life.