Command + Shift + .

Sometimes the simplest solution can solve so many little frustrations.

In this case, I simply wanted to see the hidden directories when selecting a directory in an application.

After a quick search, I realized that it was not a preference to change in the Finder but that I could simply press Command + Shift + . and see all the hidden directories in that window.

It allowed me to select a new JDK and tadam, my project is back to working.

Homebrew issues

I have been getting an error every time I try to install a new homebrew package and I found a quick and easy solution to it.

The problem looks like this:

user1$ brew install kubernetes-helm
Warning: git 2.15.1 is already installed
Error: Git must be installed and in your PATH!
Error: The following formula:
cannot be installed as a binary package and must be built from source.
Install the Command Line Tools:
 xcode-select --install

Git is available on my system without issues so I was puzzled about this “invalid” error.

I found that if you set this variable:


It would allow brew to update and then install new packages without an issue.

Very simple workaround.