New things to learn

Nice article about some framework that we should all learn and as much as I know a few this list of classics certainly has a few that I should learn before the end of the year.

Which one are you learning?


SOLID Principles

It is always a good reminder when you read this type of article. Producing good code that can be easily maintained is very important.

  • S: Single Responsibility Principle
  • O: Open-Closed Principle
  • L: Liskov Substitution Principle
  • I: Interface Segregation Principle
  • D: Dependency Inversion Principle

Learning Kotlin 1/10000

It is a nice language to learn but I am not dedicating enough time right now to make the progress I would like.

Little thing I learned last night was the repo for use the Anko “library” in my code.

maven { url "" }

Sometimes the simplest thing takes you an hour to figure out. All the examples for Anko that I looked at were partial so they showed the dependency line to add:


I guess that I have to be happy that I figured something out.

Back to coding a micro-service with Spring Boot and Kotlin…

New Year

There is a new year coming very soon…

Magical number to it so more motivation to create and learn, or so I hope. It is easy to have grand plan for the new year since it is a new start. Everyone loves a new start.

I certainly hope to create more with new technologies that are out there and report more on them here than I have done before.

I should commit to numbers so I can measure my success but that is always a scary idea. It means you have the potential to fail and everyone prefer success stories.

Groovy, Scala, AJAX, more web app coding… There is plenty to learn more about.