Now from Zeit

I have heard of serverless from so many vendors by now that it feels more about marketing than anything else. I have a bad gut reaction when I feel that there is more marketing than substance about any technology.

I decided to look at Now from Zeit just out of curiosity and I think that I should look at it a bit more since it looks quite easy.

On the Zeit site, you can see the free offering that they have and it allows you to get your feet wet and be more curious about what you can do.

The Now CLI also looks like a very simple way to perform everything you need.

I also like the immutability approach that they have that allows you to move quickly from one deployed version to another.

It is definitely worth more time to see what I could do with this platform.

IE rendering engine

I just know that IE is a pain to deal with. I assumed that IE9 would be better at doing certain things and be more standard it is way to render web pages. I learned from that mistake.

We have an application that can list all items tracked in a table. The convenience is for users to quickly do global searches or to import this data in excel to do the manipulation they need.

When the table reached 1500 elements I received emails asking me what I changed to make it so slow in IE.

After some testing I realized that IE was rendering that web page in “quirks mode” which is not very efficient with large table.

After looking for a few minutes on Google I found an MSDN article talking about adding this header to tell IE to use the latest rendering engine for this page:

It is now applied across the site and IE9 performs fine but IE8 still shows some signs of slowness. Maybe more a computer issue that an IE issue but I can’t verify.

During my search on this IE issue I certainly came across a fair amount of displeased programmer with how IE does things (even in newer version) and I can see why. Hopefully I won’t be bitten too often.